Board of Trustee, Executive and other Committees
Executive Committee elected on March 2018
Dr. P. Mohamed Ali (Galfar) - Chairman (Emeritus)
Mr. C.H Abdul Raheem - Chairman
Mr.P.K.Ahammed - Vice Chairman
Mr.K.V Abdul Azeez - Vice Chairman 
Mr.Ameer Ahamed - General Secretary 
Mr.M.A.Mehaboob - Secretary 
Mr.N.K. Mohammed Ali - Treasurer
  Other members of the Executive Committee  
  Dr.Ahamed Ali T.P Mr.Imbichammad T.P.  
  Dr.Amir Ahmed Mrs. Khadeeja Z Mohamed Ali  
  Dr.Ataat R Khan Mr.Kunhammad K.V  
  Dr.Azad Moopen Dr.Mubarak Pasha  
  Mr.Babu Moopan M.A.M Mr.Najeeb C.M  
  Dr.Habeeb Rahman C.P Dr.Abdussalam Ahmad (Permanent Invitee)
  Dr.Ibrahim Haji P.A Mr.Kunhi Mohammed C.P. (Permanent Invitee)